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Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie Details Leak Online

Matt McGloinPosted: 02/20/2018 - 15:35
 Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie Details Leak Online

Earlier in the month it was reported DC is developing a new standalone Joker origins movie which will star Joaquin Phoenix.

Reportedly, Joaquin Phoenix has agreed to the role, but talks are underway and need to go through.

Now production information for the Joker movie lands online confirming the details.

We see it's listed as an "Untitled Joker Origin Story Project" with a start date of May 1, 2018.

Todd Phillips is on board as both director and producer; Geoff Johns and Martin Scorsese are listed as producers as well, with the Joker movie being written by Phillips and Scott Silver.

The description for the Joker movie states: Standalone film. Chronicles the origin of The Joker set in gritty early 80s Gotham City.

A description for the role of The Joker also states it's a "young Joker" with the male lead age being around 29-40 years old. It's noted that " Joaquin Phoenix" is interested (Phoenix is 43 years old).

If the Joker movie does start filming as early as May, we can guess it will be released in 2019.