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Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Teases Red Hood

Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Teases Red Hood

While Jensen Ackles is a fan-favorite choice to play Batman in the Arrowverse, the Supernatural actor takes to social media to tease the Red Hood.

“#JasonTodd meet #DeanWinchester Well this is awkward. #batmanundertheredhood #supernatural,” he posted on social media.

 Jensen Ackles actually voiced the Jason Todd Red Hood character for the Batman: Under the Red Hood animated movie in 2010 (watch a clip below).

Red Hood

Regarding the Jason Todd Red Hood, the character is thought to be appearing in the live-action Titans series for the DC Universe streaming app, played by Curran Walters, as set pics have surfaced.

Jason Todd could always be a part of the DCEU some day, as Zack Snyder recently hinted the dead Robin costume from Batman vs. Superman may actually be Dick Grayson

Ackles is 40 years old, so with Affleck being near 50 years old, Ackles could actually play Jason Todd on the big screen if they decided to go that route.

Following Man of Steel and before the announcement of Ben Affleck , Jensen Ackles actually said he was interested in playing Batman as well.

“Any guy in his right mind would die to play Batman,” Jensen Ackles said way back in 2013. “It would be a dream come true.” 

The actor also recently took part in a cool Supernatural Ghostbusters parody with fellow actor Jared Padalecki; look for the new season of Supernatural Thursday, October 11 on The CW.

Check out Red Hood fan art that Boss Logic whipped up following the Instagram tease:

Jensen Ackles Red Hood

Red Hood