Jennifer Lawrence Returning To Comic Book Movies With ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’

A couple struggles through their unhappy marriage in a dark science-fiction comedy.

jennifer lawrence comic book movie why dont you love me

Jennifer Lawrence, known for playing Mystique in the X-Men films, is returning to the world of comic book movies with the adaptation of the graphic novel, Why Don’t You Love Me?

The details include the project is coming from A24 Films, which will see Jennifer Lawrence to star and Robert Funke (On Becoming a God in Central Florida) writing the movie.

why dont you love me

What is Why Don’t You Love Me? about?

The graphic novel is by Paul B. Rainey and is about a couple who struggles through their unhappy marriage in a dark science-fiction comedy.

Released in 2023, Rainey’s Why Don’t You Love Me? is a dark comedy centered on a couple struggling through their marriage while feeling like something is not quite right in their reality. 

The film adaptation will be produced by Lawrence and Justine Ciarrocchi through their production company Excellent Cadaver, along with Ari Aster, Lars Knudsen, and Emily Hildner from Square Peg, and A24. Rainey will also join the team as an executive producer.

In addition to the X-Men movies, Jennifer Lawrence is known for Hunger Games and a slew of projects.

A24 recently released Ti West’s MaXXXine and acquired Mice, a horror project directed by David Bruckner from a script by Todd Spence and Zak White.

The studio is also known for the recent Civil War movie from Alex Garland, and has the upcoming psychological horror thriller, Heretic, starring Hugh Grant, Sophie Thatcher, and Chloe East coming out this fall.

Source: Deadline

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