James Gunn Shoots Down The Batman 2 Rumors

Gunn continues responding to fan questions on Threads.

Gunn continues responding to fan questions on Threads.

James Gunn Shoots Down The Batman 2 Rumors

The co-head of the DCU, James Gunn, shoots down a bunch of recent rumors surrounding The Batman 2.

The rumors originated from scooper Daniel RPK who has been putting out a large amount of rumors as of late, with some or most of them obviously not true.

Daniel RPK did say Pedro Pascal is playing Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards in Marvel’s Fantastic Four, which the trades picked up on, however, we’re still waiting on an announcement.

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What are The Batman 2 rumors?

So Daniel RPK’s latest rumors are about The Batman 2 which he claimed is going to feature Dick Grayson and a bunch of villains with Clayface, Hush, Dick Grayson, Professor Pyg, and Scarecrow.

However, that’s not true as James Gunn shot down the rumor on Threads.

“Nope. Totally made up,” said Gunn.

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Daniel RPK addressed getting the rumors wrong on Twitter.

“As for The Batman 2 stuff. Everyone get stuff wrong. I will own to it. Like with most of my stuff I got that info from a grid and while those are usually correct they could have wrong info on them once in awhile,” he said.

It’s known Matt Reeves is developing an Arkham series set in Gunn’s DCU, so maybe we’ll find some of those villains in there.

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Still waiting on the script

Regarding what is going on with The Batman 2, Matt Reeves hasn’t turned in a finished script.

 “I heard a pitch. No script yet,” Gunn previous answered on Threads in response to a fan questioning, “What about The Batman 2? Have you read any drafts or heard of any developments?”

 A fan also questioned Gunn, “Why isn’t [director Matt] Reeves’ The Batman allowed to exist within the new DCU?”

“It’s not an ‘allowed’ thing,” Gunn responded. “It’s Matt’s choice, and we respect that.”

The Batman Part II has an Oct. 3, 2025 release date.

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