James Gunn Says No To Nova For Guardians of the Galaxy 2



Well, boo on you, James Gunn. Again.

For the second movie in a row, James Gunn will not be including the fan-favorite Human Rocket, Richard Rider Nova.

Nova was a part of the original Guardians of the Galaxy script written by Nicole Perlman; however, when Gunn came on board and changed things, out went Rider.

Gunn’s reasoning is that he wants to only use Star-Lord as the only Guardians of the Galaxy member from Earth. Of course, our arguement is that Star-Lord isn’t really all that relatable as an Earthling as he’s half alien and was taken from Earth at a young age.

A fan asked Gunn on Twitter if there was a shot at seeing Nova as a new member, but Gunn replied: “They will get a new team member such as someone who is not Nova.”

On the bright side, at least we get to look forward to more dancing in the sequel…

“Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2” has a May 5, 2017 release.