‘Invincible’ Season 2 Coming Late 2023

'Invincible' Season 2 Coming Late 2023

Amazon Prime Video announces that Invincible Season 2 will be coming in late 2023 as teased in the following video featuring the titular character with Allen the Alien.

“Welcome to Burger Mart! Enjoy a hot meal along with an update on Season 2 of INVINCIBLE. Featuring Steven Yeun as the voice of Invincible and Seth Rogen as the voice of Allen The Alien,” states the video description.

The first series debuted in March of 2021, so it will be more than two years until new episodes are released, which is actually surprising as normally animated series are able to be developed a lot faster than live-action shows.

The first season is really good so if they take their time, hopefully, that means Season 2 will be just as good or better.

Watch the Invincible Season 2 teaser:

What is the Invincible series about?

The description for the series offers:

Mark Grayson is teenage superhero Invincible. He is a normal high school senior with a normal part-time job and otherwise normal life, except his father Nolan is the superhero Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on the planet. At the age of 17, Mark begins to display superpowers, which come from his father being a member of the Viltrumite race, who, according to Nolan, pioneer the galaxy on a mission of benevolence and enlightenment. 

At least, that’s how it starts. Over the course of 144 issues, INVINCIBLE covers love, loss, family, roommates, college, intergalactic war, multiple dimensions, and way, way more. It does all this while flipping the conventions of the superhero epic on its head. 

While the comic has finished its run, we’re still exploring the world of INVINCIBLE on the big screen, as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg prep the movie adaptation, and as an animated series with Amazon Prime Video, currently greenlit through season 3.