Inside Out 2 Eyeing Huge Second Weekend Box Office

Box office report for this weekend. Includes Bad Boys: Rise or Die, The Bikeriders, The Exorcism and more.

inside out 2 second weekend box office

Following its big first weekend, Inside Out 2 is eyeing another huge weekend at the box office for its second weekend, which is looking like another record.

Inside Out 2 scored a $154.2 million opening weekend, the biggest of 2024, and looks to add another $100 million.

Estimates offer the flick will bring in $98M+ this weekend, as Friday performed big with $30M.

Sunday update: Disney is saying $100M domestic. Worldwide box office is also looking like $724M in only 12 days.

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The opening last week beat last year’s Super Mario Bros. movie ($146M) giving it the second best opening of all time for an animated movie.

Assuming the estimates are correct for this week, Inside Out 2 will also beat Mario‘s second weekend box office gross of $92.3M.

Worth a note is the number will also beat Incredible‘s 2 second weekend ($80M) which holds the record for the biggest opening for an animated movie at $182.6M from back in 2018.

As things stand, not counting Friday, Inside Out 2 is at $255.1M at the domestic box office, with another $226.7M internationally. The worldwide gross is at $481.8M. Estimates even offer the film could reach as high as $600M this weekend.


What about the rest of this weekend’s box office?

Bad Boys: Ride or Die looks to be coming in #2 in its third weekend with $18.6M; not counting this weekend, the flick is at $230M worldwide on a budget of around $100M.

Coming in at #3 looks to be The Bikeriders (around $10M), which stars Tom Hardy, Austin Butler, Michael Shannon and Jodie Comer.

At #4 is Garfield ($200M worldwide), and at #5 is Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes ($377M worldwide).

the exorcism rotten tomatoes 1

Russell Crowe’s The Exorcism comes in near the bottom, and the reviews haven’t been all that good.

The flick has a “D” CinemaScore (awful even for a horror movie) and a 31% Rotten Tomatoes Score, with a 43% Audience Score.

Last year saw Crowe star in The Pope’s Exorcist, which is unrelated, and I thought it was terrible, but the reviews are better as the RT scores are 50% from critics, with fans liking it a lot more, 81%.

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