Inhumans TV Series Premiere Date Announced


inhumans abc premiere date Inhumans TV Series Premiere Date Announced

Marvel TV's Inhumans series will first debut in IMAX followed by airing on ABC.

THR reports the first two episodes of Inhumans will screen in IMAX on/around September 1st followed by airing on ABC with additional content starting Tuesday, September 26th.

It's reported barring any unforseen interruptions, Inhumans will air Tuesdays weekly on ABC for eight episodes.

Details for the Inhumans TV series include it is not related to Marvel Studios (or the Marvel movies), is not an Agents of SHIELD spinoff, and the series will feature Black Bolt and Medusa. 

The first two episodes will also be shot entirely with IMAX cameras, with subsequent action scenes (including scenes in the show set on the moon) also filmed using IMAX.

Vin Diesel is also not expected to play Black Bolt.