Infinity Countdown #2 Review

Infinity Countdown #2 Review

I just got done listening to Scarlett Johansson’s new single, “Bad Dreams,” which now I am thinking she wrote after reading Infinity Countdown #2.

Infinity Countdown #2 follows the same pattern as last issue, and what I stated in my first review, in that it’s an uber lame attempt to bring the MCU into the comics.

It just doesn’t work.

Everything associated with the Guardians of the Galaxy in this issue is simply awful. The writing and dialogue are horrid as is the art. It comes off so forced and lazy. No sense of depth. No sense of heart.

I’m not blaming Duggan for this either. It’s like Duggan and the artist are just going through the motions for most of the issue because of editorial mandates. It’s like they, too, realize just how eye-rolling and cringe-inducing most of the story really comes off to the reader.  

I’m blaming Marvel Editorial.

Hey, Jordan White and C.B. Cebulski, give your creators some freedom and let them be the inspiration for the movies! Not the other way around. Star-Lord is a complete joke compared to the stellar Abnett and Lanning run. James Gunn made the Guardians of the Galaxy silly and goofy to appeal to the lowest common denominator of fans, the general audience. Comic book fans deserve better, are smarter, and the true COSMIC fans are immune to the ZOMBIE virus, which is why all past attempts at anything remotely Marvel COSMIC have failed since the DnA era. Marvel COSMIC is more science-fiction and less goofy Gunn sci-fi cheeseball wannabee 80s stuff (ditto for Takia Waititi and Thor: Ragnarok). 

Again, as I stated in my first review, all the wannabe MCU stuff is horrid (just say NO to Ant-Man being anything a part of COSMIC), but everything that is not somehow attached to the MCU in the book is actually really good. The Nova stuff came off really well with Richard Rider and Robbie (woah!). I was also interested in the pregnant Nova angle as well. And how about Adam Warlock, Ultron and the Silver Surfer! Holy! Now I have to say I’m loathing Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock becoming a part of the MCU; just think how cruddy they will then become in the comics? The artists also need to take note of the difference in ranks for the Nova characters, as Nova Corpsmen helmets are different than Nova Prime.

I’m also again confused if this is a Marvel 616 comic or something else as I see mention of both Infinity STONES and Infinity GEMS (Warlock mentions Soul GEM). Do they both exist in the comics now? Or did the Infinity Stones replace the Gems in the comics, conveniently? Someone fill me in, in the comments below, please.

I also see further issues of Infinity Countdown tie into Daredevil, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Champions? Seriously? Again, just say no.

This title has to be left over from the Alonso era, I’m guessing. 

I’m hearing Abnett might be available soon after DC boots him off Aquaman. Let’s bring Abnett back to Marvel COSMIC where he rightfully belongs. Enough with this Bendis and Gunn hackneyed attempt at COSMIC.

And for anyone that doubts my review, I dare you to read Starlin’s Infinity Gauntlet, Giffen’s Annihilation, or DnA’s Thanos Imperative, and then re-read these two issues. Thank you! 

Infinity Countdown #2 Review

Infinity Countdown #2 Review

Infinity Countdown

Infinity Countdown

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