Review: Incorruptible #28


The incredible companion series to Irredeemable is coming to a head, and all of the players and pieces are set on the chessboard in Coalville.

In this issue, Max Damage is put to the ultimate test when he finds out the true nature of Armadale’s death, and the responsibility he had to the people that live in the small slice of civilization he’s helped carve in this new world. But an unexpected visitor throws all of Damage’s plans right out the window. This story was mostly setting up all of the aspects of the final issues, but it was still really fun and compelling.

Waid has done such a wonderful job building up this world and its characters that I always feel as if they’re much older and more established than they actually are. I feel as if Damage has been a character for decades, and that his story is now coming to a climatic end. The art in this issue really expressed the tone of the story, which was an impending doom. Each panel began to feel a bit heavier and darker as the story progressed, and it all led up to the dramatic reveal that was executed perfectly on the page. When that surprise character makes their appearance, I felt the shock that Couceiro intended.

This series has been tens all across the board. It makes me both excited and sad to see it go. I would love to see this series continue on for another year, but Max Damage is a character that deserves an ending. I say we let him have it.