ABC’s Hulk and AKA Jessica Jones Expected Next Year


pic ABC president Paul Lee, at the TCA press tour, mentioned both the Incredible Hulk and AKA Jessica Jones television shows are expected next year.

“We’re extremely excited by having Marvel in the fold,” Lee said according to IGN. “We’ve developing aggressively both AKA Jessica Jones (based on the Brian Michael Bendis comic book series, Alias) and The Hulk. Hopefully we’ll have two very good choices to look at around the pilot season next year.” 

Lee continued remarking that Hulk would be a family oriented show.

“We were having a lot of fun this summer when I took my two sons to Comic-Con and they actually enjoy my sessions, which never happened when I was on ABC Family, because I was there with The River and Once Upon a Time. But yeah, if we got The Hulk my kids would finally be proud of me,”  said Lee.

“Family entertainment, Hulk is a classic example of it,” remarked Lee. “You remember No Ordinary Family wasn’t our best moment and yet it was the highest co-viewing show of the year. So I absolutely think there’s room. I think Charlie’s Angels is an example of it. I think Last Man Standing is an example of It, for great family entertainment. And that’s a sort of wider band around our central target.” 

Lee also mentioned that a Marvel Character would be featured in Castle.

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