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Henry Cavill Thinks Superman Would Be Concerned About Environment

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/21/2019 - 23:31 COMMENT
Henry Cavill Thinks Superman Would Be Concerned About Environment

While Henry Cavill has been filming the Netflix The Witcher series, he still has time for Superman as the 36-year-old English actor says of all the characters that he has played, the Man of Steel would be the most concerned about the environment.

"Oh, that's a good question," Cavill said at the 2019 Durrell Challenge (via YouTube) where he took part in the race with his brothers who are in the British military. "I would say Superman is probably the most concerned about the environment because he would have a great awareness of what it is that is happening to the planet due to his enhanced senses."


Opening few steps of the Durrell Challenge with two of my brothers. #Durrell #DurrellChallenge

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Henry Cavill brings up a good point in that Superman off all people would be able to probably speak the truth regarding climate change and know what is happening, as there is a controversy if it's even a real thing. Back in the 70s it was reported climate cooling was happening and there would be an ice age, which was followed by global warming and we would all become extinct, which is now reported to be climate change, all three of which attacked capitalism and the United States, and continue doing so (yet we're all still here).

It's probably safe to assume that since Clark Kent and Superman were raised in Kansas, that they are Republicans and support President Trump who questions climate change as well.

Maybe back in 2017 when Trump was asked if he is Batman, he should have been asked if he is actually Superman? A fan actually went out and edited Richard Donner's Superman II movie to include Trump and the Mueller Report, with another creating the following Trump Man of Steel Superman Time magazine cover.

It would be nice if there actually was a Superman to point out if climate change is a big waste of time, money and one big distraction.

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