Henry Cavill Superman In ‘Black Adam’ Leaks Online

Following the big Red Carpet Premiere, a blurry Henry Cavill Superman image leaks.

Following the big Red Carpet Premiere, a blurry Henry Cavill Superman image leaks.

Henry Cavill Superman In 'Black Adam' Leaks Online

It was bound to happen but it happened even sooner than I thought as the premiere only took place yesterday, but a first look at Henry Cavill as Superman in Black Adam has leaked online.

The image is really blurry but seems to offer Henry Cavill gets a new Superman suit in the film.

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The pic which has taken social media by storm shows the actor as Superman where I am guessing he confronts Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam at the end of the movie (I haven’t seen it yet).

Apparently, Superman doesn’t bust in or fly in, but the scene shows Superman confronting Black Adam.

Regarding the new suit, according to the leaked image, the Superman suit looks a lot more saturated in color, a bit darker, where worth a note, it could be because of the phone used to take the picture.

The suit looks dark blue, the cape a lot darker and maroon, and the shield symbol has a lot of stand-out goldish color behind the “S.”

The scene also looks to take place in the dark (possibly at night?) so that could explain why the suit isn’t as bright or what have you and there is a light shining on Henry Cavill as he is facing toward the right, so that could explain all the gold in the chest symbol.

Below I did a quick manip but it’s more on the brighter side of what is shown in Black Adam.

Social media reactions are mixed about the Henry Cavill Superman suit in Black Adam, as pretty much per the norm, some fans like it while others do not.

Update: The footage has now leaked online and it’s not as bad as the blurry photo or as some fans on social media are making it out to be.

Update #2: Henry Cavill has confirmed he wore the Man of Steel suit for the cameo.

Dwayne Johnson recently welcomed home Henry Cavill as Superman back to the DCEU.

“Just like I fought hard for Black Adam for fifteen years, Dany [Garcia] has been fighting for six years, Hiram [Garcia] has been fighting for six years, fifteen years, we’ve all been fighting for this moment. So I will say this: Welcome home,” said Johnson.

Where will Henry Cavill next appear as Superman? Check out below for the answer.

Photo manip:

Henry Cavill Superman manip

Where will Henry Cavill Superman appear next?

Regarding where Henry Cavill will show up next as Superman, it’s rumored that Henry filmed new scenes for The Flash movie.

According to various reports, the original plan for The Flash was to have the Sasha Calle Supergirl replace the Henry Cavill Superman in the film.

It has been said Zod (Michael Shannon is confirmed for The Flash as is Antje Trau as Faora) was going to kill the baby Kal-El on Krypton before he went to Earth and became Superman, which saw Supergirl of that universe go to Earth and become Superman.

In essence, it sounded as if The Flash was going to redo the Man of Steel movie but with Supergirl.

Now thanks to Dwayne Johnson and his production team, Henry Cavill is back in the DCEU, there is already talk of Man of Steel 2, and now Henry Cavill has an appearance in The Flash, which means he isn’t being wiped from the DCEU as has been rumored.

Black Adam opens on Oct. 21.

The Flash gets released on June 23, 2023.

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