HBO Max Releases ‘The Informant’ Trailer For New Spy Series


Check out the trailer below for the new spy series coming to the HBO Max streaming service, The Informant.

I’m a big fan of assassin movies and spy shows and the genre and this sounds something similar to The Americans, which was a great show, so this should be pretty good. 

Here is the info:

The Informant is set in 1985, behind the Iron Curtain, as Geri (Gergely Váradi) leaves for college. He is looking forward to meeting girls and partying and joins a group of radicals, led by the charismatic Száva (Márton Patkós). But Geri has a secret. He’s an informant of the totalitarian state and to save his brother, he’s been forced to spy on his new friends for State Security. While Geri’s life changes forever – juggling parties and political debates – he wrestles with a daily challenge; whose side should he be on? Especially when the group’s increasingly radical leader, Száva realizes that there is an informant among them.

The Informant premiers on HBO Max with a double episode on April 1 across 61 territories including the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe and episodes will air weekly.

Producers on the show include Anna Závorszky for HBO Max and Viktória Petrányi (White God) for Proton Cinema, which is also providing production services; the executive producers for HBO Max are Camilla Curtis and Johnathan Young.

The Informant trailer:

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The Informant HBO Max

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