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Hallelujah! Confirmed: Bendis Leaving Guardians of the Galaxy

Hallelujah! Confirmed: Bendis Leaving Guardians of the Galaxy

How’s the saying go?! Don’t let the door hit your keister on the way out!

Something like that!

As we reported back in July, Marvel has now confirmed that Brian Bendis is leaving Guardians of the Galaxy.

Following news of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie getting made, Marvel Comics fired Abnett and Lanning off the books and their entire Marvel COSMIC line to make way for Jeph Loeb and Bendis’ insulting run on Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.

What was once the shining star of Marvel under DnA quickly faded under Loeb and Bendis, and to this day Marvel Comics hasn’t been the same. To say that DnA’s work is light years beyond Bendis and Loeb’s would be an understatement.

Marvel has yet to reveal what issue will be Bendis’ last, but minus all the fake promotions with variant covers and such, sales have taken a nosedive, similar to the rest of Marvel Comics.

It’s probably a good bet that Marvel Comics will launch another Guardians of the Galaxy title next May with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Hopefully Marvel Comics returns to the same quality that inspired the new billion dollar Disney franchise.