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Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy By Jim Starlin & Alan Davis Announced

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy By Jim Starlin & Alan Davis Announced

Jim Starlin's next project for Marvel is Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy, a five-issue limited series with art by the legendary Alan Davis. announced the news, revealed the cover art and posted an interview with Starlin.

I love what Starlin has to say about the Bendis/McNiven Gamora costume. When Bendis forced off Abnett and Lanning from their Guardians of the Galaxy title that inspired Disney's new billion dollar franchise, both Bendis and McNiven said some real a-hole remarks about the DnA creative team and art, which ticked off a lot of guys who worked on the title and a lot of fans.

Starlin says he doesn't like the McNiven re-design as well (so say we all).

So I jettisoned Gamora’s armor—always envisioned her more ninja than storm trooper—and changed a few other little things here and there. Alan did the same in the drawing—when did Star-Lord grow a van dyke?—and MOTHER ENTROPY came to be.

Some other hightlights, which includes mention of Thanos and Pip the Troll being a part of the book:

The MOTHER ENTROPY series came about in a strange sort of way. I’d finished writing the last of the Thanos graphic novel trilogy and wasn’t sure I was going to do any more Thanos stories. But an unexpected hole appeared in my schedule and [editor] Tom Brevoort suggested writing a different kind of Guardians story.

Always fun revisiting Pip, like hanging out with an ol’ degenerate friend you know you should be avoiding but don’t. My original idea for the story involved a switch around, which required an even number of characters, so Pip was enlisted to round the cast off to a half-dozen. Kind of surprised Pip didn’t have more contact with the Guardians over the years. They seem like such a natural fit for each other.

From Mother Entropy’s perspective, she’d say her chief motivation is love. All she wants is for everyone to get together and be one big harmonious family. Of course most would disagree with what Ma Entropy sees as a harmonious family. The Guardians certainly do. Why does she test folks? She wants the best to lead her family within our reality, of course. But, again, her definition of “best” is open to debate.

Thanos’ role in this tale is very peripheral, determined more by his relationship with Drax and Gamora than by any personal motivation.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy gets released this May.