Green Lantern Now Has A Trans Origin

Alan Scott: Green Lantern #2 continues to change the history.

Alan Scott: Green Lantern #2 continues to change the history.

Green Lantern Now Has A Trans Origin

DC Comics continues to retcon the history of Green Lantern Alan Scott this time regarding his origin.

Alan Scott: Green Lantern #2 is now out by Tim Sheridan who you will recall made a desperate attempt to get people to buy his comic book. However, it apparently failed big time. No surprise there.

Anyway, the first issue saw Alan Scott blackmailed into joining the JSA and revealed he never wanted to join the Justice Society in the first place, in essence, he didn’t want to be a hero. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover blackmailed him and said he looked forward to seeing Alan Scott “in combat boots… if they still fit.”

Of course, DC Comics also retconned Alan Scott into being a gay character.

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Alan Scott forced into conversion therapy

So in Alan Scott: Green Lantern #2 what happens is that following his superiors finding out he is gay,  he is basically forced to check himself into Arkham Asylum for conversion therapy.

In Akrham, Alan Scott’s roomate is Billie, a trans woman, who gives Alan the green railroad lantern.

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Trans roomate has a lobotomy

In the original comics, Billie is actually Billings who forges a mysterious green metal with Alan Scott into the green lantern. They are also both in Arkham and after forging the lantern they are “healed” and leave Arkham.

In the new retcon, the trans Billie undergoes a lobotomy.

Wiki explains:

In Alan Scott: The Green Lantern, Alan’s early history is again rebooted, filled out with new retroactive continuity. In 1936, Alan was in a secret romantic relationship with a fellow engineer named Johnny Ladd. They both were working on a secret US government project related to the mysterious Crimson Flame, however Johnny is seemingly killed when the Crimson Flame attacks their ship and snatches Johnny. Once Alan’s superiors realize he was in a relationship with Johnny, they decide that instead of giving him a blue discharge, he is “encouraged” to check himself into Arkham Asylum for conversion therapy. Alan struggles with his internalized homophobia during his time in Arkham though finds a friend in his roommate Billie (who was committed to Arkham by her family for being transgender). Billie gifts Alan a green train lantern, which begins to exhibit mystical properties, unbeknownst to Alan. After Billie is given a lobotomy (so she can live as the cisgender Billings) and Alan undergoes electroshock therapy after being involuntary committed to Arkham, he leads a breakout of the inmates. On the run, Alan eventually becomes an engineer again, and hooks up with a string of lovers including Robbie and Jimmy. While working with Jimmy on an engineering project, Albert Dekker, a professional rival, attempts to kill Alan. This causes the train that Alan and Jimmy are on to crash – killing Jimmy but activates the green lantern Alan has kept, which gives Alan the powers of a Green Lantern.

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