Green Lantern Alan Scott Audition Leaks Online


An audition for the role of Alan Scott in the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern series has leaked online, which at the least, offers an insight into the character and the direction the show will take.

The audition has been posted to Vimeo and features actor Luke Fetherston in the role of Alan Scott who works for the FBI and who happens to be gay.

The first scene can be found below which sees Fetherston playing Alan Scott as he gets grilled by the press over killing a mob boss where he comes off as kind of a tough guy and is even told he’s a hero.

The next two scenes deal with Alan Scott being gay (which the official announcement emphasized) as he is told to not wait too long to have a wife and family, with the last scene involving Scott punching a fellow FBI agent over a gay joke while seemingly talking to his boyfriend.

A rumored Green Lantern Alan Scott character breakdown (via CBM) also hit the net which backs up the 40s vibe of the audition video and also mentions Scott being gay, so for the HBO Max series, it seems the character of Alan Scott is all about being gay, which he was never in the comics until they retconned his character in 2012 during the New 52.

An audition for the character of Bree Jarta has also leaked.

Green Lantern Alan Scott character breakdown:

Alan Scott: White Male, 28 years old. From the outside, Alan is the model of early 1940’s. The image of a G-Man. Alan is handsome, clean-shaven and well dressed without a hair out of place. He has spent his young life trying to personify truth, justice, and the American Way. He is already a household name in L.A. and is seen as hero thanks to positive press coverage. However, for all of Alan’s honesty, there is one huge lie that follows him. He is a gay man. A fact that, in his era, could cost him his job, or even his life.

Green Lantern Alan Scott audition (scene 1):

Press: Alan, can you tell us how it all went down? Did he have any last words?

Alan Scott: Like I said, it was all over in a few seconds. We hoped to take Mr. Florentino into custody. Guess he had other ideas.

Press: What does this mean for organized crime in LA?

Alan Scott: Well, I hope there means there is less of it.

Press: Alan, are you afraid for your life?

Alan Scott: Sorry?

Press: That you just killed the top mob boss in the city. Are you worried his men might try to get even with you?

Alan Scott: For what? Doing my job? Defending myself when their boss tried to kill me? The answer is no. If I worried about those things, I would be in the wrong line of work.

Press: How does it feel being called a hero?

Alan Scott: Well, I wouldn’t know since no one calls me one.

Press: Are readers to. Letters have been pouring in all week.

Alan Scott: That’s very nice, but I am no different than any of the men in the bureau.

Press: Enough with the FBI. Come one. Give us the real scoop. When are you and Ms. Everett going to tie the knot?

Alan Scott: How many times am I going to tell you, boys? It’s called a private life for a reason. Now I don’t mind you bother me, but you keep chasing Ms. Everett around with those cameras, we’re going to have to have words.

Press: Now don’t be like that Alan.

Alan Scott: Unless anybody’s got any relevant questions, I’m going to get back to work.

Green Lantern HBO Max promo art:

Green Lantern HBO Max

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