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Gotham Mid-Season 4 Trailer Teases Batman

Matt McGloinPosted: 02/05/2018 - 13:51
Gotham Mid-Season 4 Trailer Teases Batman

FOX released a new trailer for the return of Gotham, which seemingly teases Batman!

The new footage shows David Mazouz's Bruce Wayne state that he has seen who he really is when what looks to be an image of Batman is shown. Then toward the end of the video (4:19 mark) we even hear the possible voice of Batman! Watch below!

To be clear, it's probably just a tease of Batman, as DC's Dark Knight might not be coming to the series in full form, but David Mazouz did recently offer his take on Batman in Gotham.

"I don't know. I think it depends on how long the show goes for," Mazouz filled in Discussing Film. "I think it depends on what they'll allow us to do. I don't know if that's what the writers want to end on that note. I don't know if anybody knows. I hope so. I mean my personal preference, obviously."

Batman Gotham

While David Mazouz can't confirm Batman in Gotham, the 16-year-old actor offers how he would want Batman introduced.

"People ask me how I would want the show to end. I would love to see the show end with Bruce Wayne in a bat suit on the top of the Gotham building looking down with the Bat signal on top of Gotham central and everybody, not just Bruce, but everybody kind of coming into the characters they are supposed to be," Mazouz offered. "Enigma as the full blown Riddler. Oswald as a full blown Penguin. Selina as a full blown Catwoman. Gordon as Commissioner with a mustache and glasses. Kind of everybody coming into the person that they are supposed to be. That they are destined to be. Kind of at the same time as the series finale, I guess it would be," Mazouz explained. "And I would love for the last shot to be Bruce putting on the bat suit. That's just my personal preference. But I don't know if that is allowed or realistic. I don't know what is actually going to happen."

Watch the new Gotham trailer. The series returns Thursday, March 1st.