Godzilla x Kong Trailer Too Goofy? Wannabe Marvel Movie?

Are Legendary and Warner Bros. hoping to capture a larger audience by making the two kaiju superheroes?

Are Legendary and Warner Bros. hoping to capture a larger audience by making the two kaiju superheroes?

Godzilla x Kong Trailer Too Goofy? Wannabe Marvel Movie?

So I’ve basically stopped watching trailers because they spoil too much for me, but I happened to catch a clip from the new Godzilla x Kong trailer on Twitter.

The clip shows the footage from the movie of Godzilla running side-by-side Kong, so I then proceeded to watch the entire trailer.

My initial reaction watching the footage on Twitter? “This looks fn horrible wow,” I tweeted.

Someone called me out, and I replied I didn’t like the color schemes.

Another user also remarked questioning who at Legendary Pictures thought that fans of Japanese kaiju would like a giant Planet of The Apes instead.

I thought that was a fair point, too, and following me watching the entire trailer, I headed to the r/Godzilla sub on Reddit for reactions from the fanboys and hardcore fans.

godzilla x kong color scene
Trailer screenshot

My trailer reaction

Before we get into those reactions, my own reaction to the Godzilla x Kong trailer is that it seems like they are taking a “Guardians of the Galaxy” approach to the film. It’s full of bright colors (that pink/purple hue is horrendous) that I feel don’t match reality and it makes everything come off as way too goofy and unbelievable.

The story they set up is cool: Kong discovers another Kaiju who is even bigger than him so he needs Godzilla’s help (wasn’t that the plot of GVK???). What I don’t like is how they seem to be setting it up. The humans are the ones who are going to make it happen? And it seems like the humans have too much “faith” in the kaiju (they’re giant freakin’ monsters!). “He won’t be alone…” Ehhh…

It is a Godzilla movie we are talking about here so I am not expecting The Godfather, but they seem to be going in a different approach than the more realistic tones set up in the 2014 Godzilla movie. Per my comparison above, it seems like they are trying to make a Godzilla and Kong movie into a wannabe Marvel flick (can’t wait for the jokes) as Godzilla and Kong seem more like superheroes than monsters you should be afraid of.

The CGI also is iffy, again the colors don’t look good and make it look like a CGI film, that drone or whatever looks like garbage, and that running scene looks really bad.

I suppose, if anything, the trailer has set things up to not expect a lot, so I won’t have high expectations going in.

Here is a quick manip changing the pink into more of a blue, which is the hue I think they used previously in GVK. IMO, Godzilla looks more frightening with the blue:

godzilla x kong blue manip
Top: Screenshot from the trailer / Bottom: image manip

What does Reddit think?

Regarding what Redditors think, as it’s a Godzilla sub, they’re obviously eating up the trailer, but some opinions seem to be similar to mine.

A Redditor actually started a thread that has a lot of up-votes titled “If you think Godzilla X Kong is too goofy you gotta watch more Godzilla movies” and included the following image offering GxK is more like the original Toho films. I’ve also seen another fan offer that it is also more similar to Japanese Anime, so I suppose that could be true.

What do you think? Hit me up on Twitter or feel free to comment below.

godzila x kong reddit

Watch the trailer:

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