Godzilla 2 Will Feature More Godzilla



There is good news for fans of the King of the Monsters that may have been a bit disappointed with Godzilla‘s screentime in last year’s movie, and that is Godzilla will be featured more in the sequel.

Dread Central caught up with Legendary’s Barnaby Legg, creator of the Godzilla Encounter exhibit, who offered the following:

“Oh, don’t worry. We know. All I can say is stay tuned! You’re going to get exactly what you’re hoping for.”

Fans had issues with Godzilla in that, for one, Godzilla didn’t really show up until about an hour into the movie, and there is also the fact that all of Godzilla’s screentime made up about 8-11 minutes worth of footage.

The Godzilla sequel has a June 8, 2018 with Gareth Edwards set to return to direct and a script by Max Borenstein.