Glen Powell Says No To Marvel, Passes On Jurassic World

Hollywood's new A-list actor actually has a head on his shoulders and is picky about scripts.

glen powell marvel jurassic world

Hollywood’s new A-list actor is Glen Powell who is super picky about which roles he chooses and won’t choose, which happens to include not taking on roles for major franchises such as Marvel, Jurassic World, or Bourne Identity.

THR has an article and interview up on the actor as Glen Powell has achieved superstardom with the recent release of Anyone But You which also stars Sydney Sweeney and he starred with Tom Cruise in Tom Gun: Maverick. Powell also stars in Richard Linklater’s Hit Man on Netflix, and stars in the upcoming Twisters movie.

glen powell hit man
Hit Man (Netflix)

Meticulously goes over scripts

Glen Powell comes off pretty interesting in the interview as he isn’t the stereotypical dumb blond good looking guy, he actually has a smart head on his shoulders.

The article goes over how Powell made it to Hollywood, which includes being found by Denzel Washington. Powell also is a writer and meticulously goes over the scripts he receives.

Case in point is that he was up for the role of Goose’s son in Top Gun: Maverick but the part went to Miles Teller. So they offered Powell a different role, but instead of jumping at the chance to be a part of a big Hollywood movie, Powell actually said no and turned down the role because he didn’t like the character in the script.

So Tom Cruise liked Powell so much they worked things out to make the character more in line with what Powell envisioned. Now that’s impressive.

glen powell twisters

Not interested in Marvel fare

Regarding passing on major Hollywood franchises, the article points out that “looking ahead, Powell is as definitive about what he won’t do” and gives examples including “pandering Oscar bait, for one, but also Marvel fare.”

It’s also revealed he passed on a Bourne Identity update and the Jurassic World reboot which has Scarlett Johansson in talks to star.

Fitting with Powell’s attention to detail regarding scripts, Powell said the Jurassic World movie wasn’t a good fit for him.

Jurassic is one of my favorite movies. It’s one of the things I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I’m not doing that movie because I read the script and I immediately was like, my presence in this movie doesn’t help it,” he explained. “And the script’s great. The movie’s going to fucking kill. It’s not about that. It’s about choosing where you’re going to make an audience happy and where you’re going to make yourself happy.”

Interestingly enough, the article doesn’t mention Glen Powell passing on DC? How about Green Lantern Hal Jordan?

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