George Lucas Is Raping Your Childhood and Your Wallet: Darth Vader says “No”


In all honesty I haven't put this up because I figure someone just dubbed it in.

On Sept 16th, Lucas and co. are releasing a new Blu-Ray version of Star Wars which is supposed to have new footage, documentaries and, of course, will be presented in HD.

I've heard about some changes, like the one about Yoda in Phantom Menace – instead of a puppet that was used, a computer genereated Yoda CGI will replace that.

That doesn't really bother me, I guess, as the movie wasn't any good to begin with.

But don't mess with the originals!

They already made Han Solo more politically corrected when they edited the Star Wars bar scene at the Mos Eisley Cantina. They had Greedo shoot first. Total crap!

Now, check this out.

In Return of the Jedi, the final scene between Luke, the Emperor and Darth Vader – when Vader saves his son, Lucas adds Vader yelling, "Nooooo," ala Frankenstein from Revenge of the Sith. Total failure, imo.

They can't get SW 1-3, right, so they do this for more of your hard earned cashola. Sorry, they aren't getting mine!

Oh yeah, it is confirmed by LucasFilm.

Here's the video: