‘Furiosa’ Fallout Continues: Tom Hardy Doubts Third ‘Mad Max’ Movie Will Happen

George Miller had plans for 'Mad Max: The Wasteland' but that doesn't seem to be on the table anymore.

furiosa tom hardy doubts third movie

As a result of Furiosa bombing at the box office, the planned third Mad Max movie in the new franchise from George Miller is in doubt, with Tom Hardy offering he doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

Miller had plans for Mad Max: The Wasteland following Hardy’s Fury Road, and Furiosa starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth.

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While speaking with Forbes, Tom Hardy was asked about the possibilities of his future where he said of Mad Max: The Wasteland, “I don’t think that’s happening.”

The sentiment echoes Miller’s own thoughts who previously said plans for the third movie depended on how well Furiosa did at the box office.

“I’ll definitely wait to see how this [Furiosa] goes, before we even think about it,” Miller told press last month. “We have to see how well this one does.”

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The trades have also pointed out how Furiosa was “marketed as a female-driven vehicle,” but the female audience didn’t show up.

“On Fury Road’s opening weekend, the split was 60 percent male to 40 percent, according to sources with access to exit surveys conducted by PostTrak,” stated THR. “But Furiosa’s audience was 71 percent male and 29 percent female, a worrisome decline and a startling number for a feature marketed as a female-driven vehicle.”

The site added, “And the 18-24 age group, who are the most frequent moviegoers, plummeted from 31 percent for Fury Road to 21 percent for Furiosa.”

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As it stands, the Furiosa box office is at $160 million worldwide, with $63 million domestically and $97 million worldwide.

Fury Road finished with $154M domestic, and $226M internationally, for a $380M worldwide gross.

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