The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs


Last night saw The Flash season finale air, which was pretty darn amazing by all accounts.

The episode saw The Flash take on the Reverse Flash in a battle to save space and time, which it actually unleashed.

Barry was taken to the past where he went through a wormhole that also gave glimpses into his future, and Wells almost made it back to his future timeline.

Check out Easter Eggs from the episode, with the two biggest probably being the Jay Garrick helmet (that was previously leaked) as well as a first look at Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost in action.

The above video gives a great rundown as well (obvious spoiler warning), and whom I lifted some images and some info from.


Killer Frost:

Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost seen as Barry travelled through the worm hole (future version? alternate universe version?).



Jay Garrick:

Now I found this interesting as it seemed like the helmet was thrown through the wormhole, and when Wells saw it he quickly wanted out of there. Perhaps that meant Garrick was hot on his trail? Or Garrick at least knew about Thawne and the time changes.




The wormhole looks to be way for the series to introduce new characters, with Dr. Alchemy and Mirror Master being introduced in Season 2. It’s also possible the wormhole could introduce alternate timeline characters.




We saw a first look at Hawkgirl, played by Ciara Renee, who will be a part of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.



Legends Of Tomorrow:

Barry saw The Legends Of Tomorrow as well. 



New Flash costume:

Future Flash in the past scene wears a new costume (seen in future newspaper, I believe).



Rip Hunter:

Wells name-dropped Rip Hunter, who first created the time sphere.; Rip Hunter is a member of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.



Flash Museum:

The glimpse at the future revealed The Flash Museum.




Possibly a look ahead to The Flash Season 2 as we see Barry, similar to his father, looks to be imprisoned.



Harrison Wells:

Tom Cavanaugh will be back for The Flash Season 2 as Harrison Wells, but exactly what Wells and what version remains to be seen.


Wells tells Cisco he is a metahuman, with Cisco in the comics being Vibe – Wells said, Cisco is “sensitive to the vibrations of the universe.”

Captain Cold:

The episode featured Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, another member of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

Stan Lee:

Dr. Stein says he may exclaim “Excelsior” if Barry can time travel.

Star Wars:

“May the speedforce be with you.”


Barry doesn’t save his mother in the episode because of what it may change, which looks to be a reference to the DC Comics event Flashpoint where Barry wakes up and everything has changed for the worse as a result of his mother being alive.


Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy:

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