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The Flash Movie Gets A Rumored Flashpoint Plot

The Flash Movie Gets A Rumored Flashpoint Plot

Earlier in the month saw it reported that the Ezra Miller The Flash movie will start filming in February, and now a batch of plot rumors hits the net. 

Worth a note is that the rumors are from 4Chan, but they seem to line up with previous reports that The Flash movie will not be using the dark “Flashpoint” storyline from the comics. In addition, the working title for the flick is said to be “Flashpoint” as well, so this fits.

These rumors while sounding similar to Flashpoint, do seem a lot lighter in tone, as it has been said the flick will be more in line with a Back to the Future movie than something dark like Batman vs Superman.

The Flash

The Flash rumors

It’s said Barry Allen travels back in time to prevent his mother Nora from being murdered and awakens in an alternative timeline where he never became The Flash, and Eobard Thawne rules the world.

In the alternate timeline, Barry meets Iris West and Jay Garrick, members of an underground resistance against Thawne, and learn that Thawne is a time traveler, and that they are enemies in the future.

Barry reproduces the accident that gave him powers, but Thawne can drain his speed to power himself up as well.

Thawne killed his mother to manipulate Barry into going back to save her and weaken the timeline, allowing Thawne to change history to conquer the world.

Barry defeats Thawne after a battle throughout time, and traps him in the Speed Force. Barry later meets Iris again in the fixed timeline, but she doesn’t remember him until they kiss.

Light tone.

The “History Fight” is said to be one of the biggest action sequences in comic book movie history as Barry and Thawne fight over several periods and events like World War II during D-Day.

Production team still debating whether Barry should succeed in saving his mother in the end.

Casting will begin soon.

Veteran actors in their 40’s-50’s eyed for Thawne.

Hunter Zolomon is part of the Central City Police Department in the regular timeline, and the Resistance in the Flashpoint timeline, so he’ll be part of Barry’s supporting cast in the DCEU.

We also get Frye, Singh, Chyre, Morillo, Patty, Forrest from the comics, and Caitlin Snow as Garrick’s assistant/protege.