The Flash Not Filming Anytime Soon


Last month saw it learned that Fantastic Beasts 3 had been delayed, with fans speculating The Flash movie could be filmed; however, that is not happening as Ezra Miller has landed another flick.

During the wait for Fantastic Beasts 3, Ezra Miller is starring in a new movie, The Mourner, which will film Summer 2019.

The good news is that Deadline still reports Ezra Miller will be starring as The Flash in DC Universe’s stand-alone movie about the superhero character, but it is not known when filming is going to take place, and the movie has no release date.

The Flash Ezra Miller

The Flash has also gone through numerous directors and scripts, with John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein the latest directors to tackle the movie. The script is reported to have gone from a “Flashpoint” story to one being more comedic in tone compared to the Back to the Future movies. Interestingly enough, in Zack Snyder’s announcement about his Netflix zombie movie, he brought Joby Harold along with him as a writer who is credited on the Flashpoint script.

With The Mourner filming this Summer and Fantastic Beasts 3 filming in late Autumn, it could be possible that The Flash films sometime in 2020, which could give it a possible late 2021 release date, but 2022 would seem more likely or even 2023.

The Mourner, based on the Japanese novel, follows a jaded and embittered homicide detective on the trail of murderous sex traffickers, who discovers new spiritual meaning in her life when she comes across a mystical young man (Miller) whose calling in life is to mourn the dead who have no one else to mourn them.

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