The Flash Directors Sign On For New Project


It’s learned that the current directors on DC’s The Flash movie have signed on to a new project with Universal Pictures as Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley will be writing, directing and producing the coming-of-age comedic horror film The Creeps.

According to Deadline, they are still attached to The Flash along with Ezra Miller.

The latest on The Flash movie includes that Miller and DC Comics comic book writer Grant Morrison have worked on a new script, which has been said to be a last ditch effort to keep Miller aboard the film. It has been said Miller wants to go a darker route with The Flash movie than what Warner Bros. wants, so if WB doesn’t like the new script, Miller could be out. A previous version of the script has been compared to the lighthearted tone of the Back to the Future movies.

The Flash doesn’t look to be filming anytime soon as Ezra Miller has The Mourner and Fantastic Beasts 3 in the works, so Goldstein and Daley signing on for a new movie isn’t all that surprising. The best guess is that if everything goes right is that The Flash could start filming after Fantastic Beasts 3 sometime next year.

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