Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison Writing The Flash Script


Last month saw Ezra Miller state they are trying to get the screenplay right, and now it is learned the actor and DC Comics writer Grant Morrison are working on a new script for The Flash.

The details include that Miller wants to go a darker route than what Warner Bros. wants, as Aquaman was a huge billion dollar hit as it was a light and fun movie, but WB is said to be open to Miller and Morrison’s take on the DC speedster.

In addition, it is reported that Ezra Miller is writing the script to stay on in The Flash role, as his contract expires in May, and WB may want another actor. Miller and Morrison’s script may be handed into WB next week, but if WB doesn’t like what they see, Miller could part ways with The Flash.

The Flash Ezra Miller

A previous version of The Flash script is more lighthearted and has been described in the vein of the Back to the Future movies. At one time, a Flashpoint movie was also being developed, which if you are familiar with the comic book source material is really dark, but that appears to have been scrapped. Zack Snyder recently let it be known that when he was still involved with the DCEU, his story about The Flash would have been “better” than Flashpoint, and interestingly enough, when Snyder recently left DC to start his own production company with the Army of the Dead Netflix zombie movie, he brought his Flashpoint writer with him. Last October actually saw it rumored that Wonder Woman 1984 was being used to reboot the DCEU with some sort of version of the Flashpoint story.

The report also states that Ezra Miller is supposed to film Fantastic Beasts 3 at the end of the year, so more than likely The Flash isn’t going film anytime soon. Miller has also signed on for The Mourner prior to FB3.

(via THR)