‘The Flash’ Concept Art Teases Michael Keaton Batman, New Suit


At today’s DC FanDome panel, concept art for The Flash movie was released which features a tease of the Michael Keaton Batman as well as a new suit for DC’s Scarlet Speedster.

The panel saw director Andy Muschietti reveal that Barry Allen will have a new suit designed by Bruce Wayne, which could possibly be the Ben Affleck version as Affleck was recently confirmed to be returning as Batman for The Flash.

I’ll say I welcome a new design for The Flash suit as Zack Snyder’s version came off a big goofy, IMO.

The concept also shows the Michael Keaton Batman alongside The Flash as the pair takes on bad guys.

Muschietti also hinted a DC Multiverse could be brewing caused by Barry’s actions in the film.

The Flash opens June 3, 2022 and will be an adaptation of the DC Comics story, “Flashpoint.”

The Flash concept art:

The Flash Michael Keaton Batman Concept Art

The Flash new costume concept art

The Flash Concept art