First Look At Kyle Rayner By Brad Walker In Green Lantern: New Guardians


Next month sees the debut of superstar cosmic artist Brad Walker on Green Lantern: New Guardians #21.

Brad will be joining Justin Jordan on the new direction of the book.

We previously spoke to Brad Walker about Green Lantern: New Guardians where the artist discussed new characters and designs.

Yes! I have! A new villain, in particular. It’s fun to do, and I really try to think about the design stuff from all angles. Most of that thinking will never register or be apparent to the reader, but hopefully, on a subconscious level, all the thought I put into visual themes and repeated elements will resonate, and people will enjoy the look of the character. And I’ve also been getting used to doing some recent designs I really like by Aaron Kuder and Ethan Van Sciver. The GL corner of the DCU is definitely my current favorite, design-wise.

Green Lantern: New Guardians hits June 19th!

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