First Look At David Cornswet’s Superman Muscles

A fan thinks he met Henry Cavill as the actor was spotted filming an ad in Mexico.

first look david corenswet superman muscles

We finally get a look at David Corenswet’s Man of Steel muscles for James Gunn’s Superman movie as the actor was spotted in Mexico.

However, a fan at first thought the actor was Henry Cavill who recently departed the role.

The images are going viral on social media as it’s the first time we get a look at David Corenswet since he started training to be the new Superman.

“Now I can die in peace. I got to meet Superman and the Witcher in person face to face,” said the fan who thought it was Henry Cavill.

According to the info, David Corenswet was spotted in Mexico filming an ad, which lines up with James Gunn recently announcing the start of filming on Peacemaker Season 2, so it seems as if filming on the new Superman movie might have been paused to allow for Corenswet to film the ad and/or Gunn to start Peacemaker Season 2.

Another possibility is that Gunn could have been filming scenes that didn’t involve David Corenswet, which allowed the actor to head to Mexico from Atlanta to film the advertisement.

Now regarding David Corenswet’s muscles, fan reactions are mixed, as it seems as if some fans were expecting the 30-year-old actor to look more jacked.

I think he looks fine as he is already a big dude, said to be 6’5″ and he’ll be wearing the Superman suit.

Bear in mind Henry Cavill wasn’t super-jacked for Man of Steel, IMO, and Corenswet looks to tower over Cavill.

Here’s a pic of Corenswet from October 22, so you can see there is a big difference:

Henry Cavill and Alan Ritchson:

Alan Ritchson is listed at 6’3″ and seems to tower over Cavill as well, so again, Corenswet should look just fine and plenty big enough for the Superman role.

Check out Cavill side by side Ritchson:

Superman flies into theaters on July 11, 2025.

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