Peacemaker Season 2 Now Filming Confirms James Gunn and John Cena

The filmmaker and the actor post images to social media about the start of the second season.

peacemaker season 2 filming james gunn john cena

Peacemaker Season 2 is officially underway as confirmed by both James Gunn and John Cena on social media.

Gunn posted a pic of Cena wearing the helmet noting, “Day 1 S2.”

As Gunn is also filming Superman, a fan questioned, “How are you filming Peacemaker S2 if Superman is still filming? Or is someone else directing?”

Gunn replied, “It’s a Saturday. Pre-shoot.”

John Cena also teased the start of the second season with a pic of the helmet on Instagram.

peacemaker season 2 now filming james gunn

Peacemaker Season 2 is non-DCEU canon

As Peacemaker Season 1 connected to the DCEU, which has been wiped out by the new DCU, James Gunn has confirmed Season 2 is non-canon to the previous DC films universe.

Last month, Gunn answered fan questions on Threads where he confirmed that, “Yes, Peacemaker takes place after Superman.”

A fan questioned, “Including season one?”

Gunn replied, “Season one isn’t canon but no.”

peacemaker season 1 not dcu canon

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