FBI Investigating Pensacon Bomb Threat


The FBI and local police are currently investigating a bomb threat that was made sometime over the weekend or earlier toward the Pensacon Comic Con convention being held in Pensacola, Florida which takes place Feb. 22-24.

The bomb threat was unearthed when the convention owner revealed details to former DC Comics artist and 26-year-veteran of the comic book business, Ethan Van Sciver. The details are said to include that the bomb threat came about regarding a feud between fans and a controversy surrounding a guest and allegations made against Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna.

Since, apparently, the Pensacon convention owner never alerted the authorities about the bomb threat, Ethan Van Sciver felt it was his duty and took to social media to alert everyone about the potential bomb scare. The FBI then contacted Ethan Van Sciver and told him local Pensacola authorities are now involved and are contacting the convention.

“I wake up in the middle of the night… and there is a message from the FBI saying this is the Flordia branch of the FBI, we want you to give us a call and speak to you,” Ethan Van Sciver said. “I called them back… The FBI said they are talking to Pensacola PD. They are reaching out to Pensacon directly right now.”

Ethan Van Sciver then points out that the FBI and the Pensacola police department were not informed of the bomb threat until the matter was made public by him on Twitter on Saturday, which is contrary to Pensacon’s claims they had already informed Homeland Security about potential trouble at the convention.  

The FBI told Ethan Van Sciver, “You posted this on Saturday, at least up until that point, we were not aware of it. Neither myself nor the Pensacola PD.” 

The bomb threat was claimed to be sent by an irate fan, which I won’t post in its entirety, but it threatened in part to “make people burn,” further threatened the lives of children, and stated, “You better have a freaking bomb squad at the next Pensacon and kevlar. Every single one of your staff.” 

It’s actually being questioned if the bomb threat was real, as it might be a potential fake, as allegedly the convention owner may have sent it to himself in order to make a certain group of fans look in the wrong. The Pensacon convention has since deleted its Twitter account, and according to Ethan Van Sciver, is now threatening to sue him for defamation. Ethan Van Sciver revealed the full details of the bomb threat he was shown by the Pensacon convention owner on his YouTube channel, which also featured attorney Nick Rekieta as a guest. 

Those fans worried about attending the Pensacon convention should follow up with local authorities for the most updated information.

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