Fast & Furious 8 Gets April 14, 2017 Release Date



Following the billion dollar success of Fast & Furious 7, Universal has wasted no time, and now has announced a release date for the eighth installment in the franchise.

Vin Diesel made the Fast & Furious 8 announcement today at CinemaCon.

“It means a lot to me to get your blessing,” Diesel told the exhibitors as he held back tears, according to Variety. “We were giddy and excited. You all gave me so much confidence. There was so much love.”

It’s noted that just before Vin Diesel made his announcement, footage screened of the final moment of Fast & Furious 7: a scene in which Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s characters go on one final car race before going their separate ways.

“You’ve been so loyal all along,” Diesel told exhibitors. “You helped us create history here.”

Fast & Furious 7 has already hit over $1.15 billion dollars worldwide, with over $300 million in the U.S.