Captain America 4 Reforms The Avengers?: Anthony Mackie At CinemaCon

Check out a pair of new pics as well as video of Mackie and more.

captain america 4 cinemacon anthony mackie

Marvel shows off new Captain America: Brave New World images and footage with mention of The Avengers, and Anthony Mackie appears at CinemaCon as part of Marvel’s presentation which also includes Deadpool & Wolverine. dropped new images of both Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson and Harrison Ford who plays Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, the president of the United States in the film.

captain america brave new world anthony mackie

“More of a grounded espionage action movie”

“It made more sense for it to be more of a grounded espionage action movie as opposed to aliens and airplanes coming through portals and s—,” Mackie said about his film. “Even though I’ve been in so many of them and have seen it all now, the opportunity for Sam to really establish himself as a true action star and Avenger comes with this movie.”

Mackie continued, “This movie is a clear reset. It really reestablishes the idea of what this universe is and what this universe is going to be. I think with these movies, you’re getting a clear, new branding of what Marvel is headed towards the same way they did with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

captain america brave new world harrison ford anthony mackie

Explains the title: Brave New World

Mackie also addresses the title which was first “New World Order” and then changed to “Brave New World” (which essentially means the same thing).

“The title implies that there’s a new, bigger enemy now; there’s a new frontier that we have to conquer,” Mackie said. “From Captain America: The First Avenger to Endgame, the enemy was always good versus bad. Now that we’ve conquered that, where do we go from here? When the bad guys reappear, in what form are they reappearing? It is a new storyline with new characters, with new beliefs, and it creates a new idea of this new world that we’re going into.”

captain america brave new world anthony mackie harrison ford

The Avengers Reassemble?

Marvel and Feige also showed off the first footage which shows Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross wanting to restart The Avengers but he disagrees with Mackie’s Sam Wilson. See below.

Via THR’s tweet:

Anthony Mackie’s Captain America meets with Harrison Ford’s President. Ford thanks Mackie for the good he has done, and says he wants Captain America to help him rebuild the #Avengers. “If we disagree…then what happens,” Mackie asks. Later, the President honors Captain America at an event. It’s interrupted by a song. Isaiah Bradley breaks in and starts shooting politicians. Captain America fights them off and escapes.

Captain America: Brave New World gets released on February 14, 2025.

Watch the Captain America: Brave New World panel footage from CinemaCon:

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