Fantastic Four Gets New Writer: Thor: Ragnarok, Black Widow Writer

Kevin Feige continues trying to fix things as all the MCU films in development have new writers.

Kevin Feige continues trying to fix things as all the MCU films in development have new writers.

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It’s learned that Marvel’s Fantastic Four gets another new writer with Erik Pearson, the same writer behind the MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok and Black Widow.

This follows Josh Friedman having been brought on board last year which followed Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer having written for Fantastic Four.

So that’s at least the fourth writer on the flick.

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Marvel “quietly” hired Eric Pearson to “polish the script”

The info comes via THR who reports Marvel Studios “quietly” hired Eric Pearson to “polish the script” for Fantastic Four, which follows the recent announcement and confirmation of the cast.

“Pearson is a company stalwart who worked on Thor: Ragnarok and Black Widow and has a reputation for taking projects over the finish line,” continues the report. “The stakes for that movie are high, as the studio is still searching for characters and actors who can carry its universe forward after the exits of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.”

Previous rumors have offered the Fantastic Four script has suffered from major problems, so much so that actors such as Adam Driver passed on roles, as it was said Driver was up to play Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards that went to Pedro Pascal.

It has also been said both Margot Robbie and Emma Stone passed on the role of Sue Storm Invisible Woman that went to Vanessa Kirby.

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All about Sue Storm?

The rumors have offered that fitting with Disney and Kevin Feige’s feminist approach to Marvel’s Phase 4 and Phase 5 that Fantastic Four is all about Sue Storm and how she feels trapped in a relationship with Reed Richards. Worth a mention is that Pascal is 48 years old while Kirby is 35.

It has also been claimed that Kevin Feige was going to cast a female Silver Surfer, with Anya-Taylor Joy up for the part; however, things might have changed as it has been said Feige is now actively casting for the role, so that means a female Surfer is likely out.

Recently also saw that Disney exec complain how Disney CEO Bob Iger is moving away from the feminist approach that hasn’t been successful and is pivoting back to male leads, so we’ll have to see how things play out with the FF.

As THR notes above, the stakes are indeed high as it’s thought Fantastic Four will in part lead to Marvel’s big Avengers: Secret Wars movie. Disney and Marvel can’t afford any more blunders like The Marvels and Quantumania.

Fantastic Four gets released on July 26, 2024 directed by Matt Shakman. Making up the cast includes Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as The Thing, and Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm, The Human Torch. Marvel is also said to be casting Doctor Doom with Henry Cavill rumored.

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