Fantastic Four: Cillian Murphy Rumored For Doctor Doom

The actor is known for his roles in the Christopher Nolan Batman and Oppenheimer movies.

The actor is known for his roles in the Christopher Nolan Batman and Oppenheimer movies.

Fantastic Four: Cillian Murphy Rumored For Doctor Doom

Cillian Murphy is now rumored to be Marvel’s top choice to play Doctor Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie as well as Avengers: Secret Wars.

Per previous details, it has been said Doctor Doom doesn’t have a main part in the Fantastic Four movie and will only appear near the end of the film.

Doom plays a big role in the Secret Wars comics, so look for more from the ruler of Latveria in the Secret Wars movie. It has also been reported Marvel is thinking of moving away from Jonathan Majors as Kang in favor of Doom.

Recently, it has also been said Fantastic Four lays the foundations for Avengers: Secret Wars in the MCU along with Deadpool 3, Spider-Man 4, and Shang-Chi 2.

Cillian Murphy recently starred in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, is known for Peaky Blinders, A Quiet Place Part II, 28 Days Later, Nolan’s Inception, and played Scarecrow in the Nolan Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy.

No casting for Fantastic Four has been announced as of yet.

Marvel Fantastic Four movie

Lots of rumors

While it has been said Pedro Pascal has been cast as Reed Richards, Marvel Studios has yet to make an official announcement. The same for Vanessa Kirby who is said to be playing Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman.

There are tons of rumors surrounding this flick which also includes that Kevin Feige is going with a female Silver Surfer, possibly played by Anya Taylor-Joy, as the herald of Galactus.

Rumors have also offered the film is all about Sue Storm and that it portrays Reed Richards in a negative light.

Additional rumors have even said the Fantastic Four are from a different universe where they are the only heroes on their Earth. Somehow, they make their way to the MCU.

I’ve also been told the FF have always existed in the MCU and were friends with Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. What happens is the FF step into the Negative Zone (or Quantum Realm) and when they return it’s the present-day MCU and they haven’t aged.

The script has reportedly been changed a lot, with Josh Friedman now writing, so it could be possible that a lot of the above has changed.

Matt Shakman directs; Fantastic Four has a May 2, 2025 release date.

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