Exclusive: Jeph Loeb Done Writing Marvel Comics



Cosmic Book News is presently attending the New York Comic-Con where we learned two tidbits regarding Jeph Loeb.

A fan asked Tim Sale (currently doing the art on Captain America :White) when he and Loeb were going to collaborate next.

Sale let it be known that, “Jeph doesn’t write anymore,” to the shock of the fans surrounding Sale while waiting for autographs (note: Sale had a HUGE line) in Artist Alley.

“He’s too busy running Marvel television to write anymore,” Sale said. 

The fan who asked the first question then responded hopefully, “Well, maybe some day.”

Sale replied, “He makes way too much money.”

Cosmic Book News also learned that Jeph Loeb wil be making a surprise signing at the Marvel booth tomorrow, Saturday, at the NYCC from 10-10:45 am, which also sees Dan Slott, Will Sliney and also Sale attending.