Doctor Who Tom Baker Joins Star Wars Rebels


doctor who tom baker star wars rebels

The worlds of Doctor Who and Star Wars come together once again as the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, has joined the cast of Star Wars Rebels Season 3.

Tom Baker will play the character Bendu, who is described as the “middle way of the Force” – not Dark Side or Light Side – he’s “something else, a force of nature.”

Star Wars Rebels showrunner David Filoni announced the casting at this past weekend’s Star Wars Celebration offering he specifically created the character of Bendu with Tom Baker in mind.

‘[Bendu is] so unique in everything he does,’ Filoni said, adding that Bendu is “a different kind of Force character/creature than we’ve had before” and will make a “big difference.”

You can get a glimpse of Tom Baker’s character and voice of Bendu in the new Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer below (around 1:48 mark).

Dave Filoni, a big Doctor Who fan, also previously cast David Tennant in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 returns this Fall.

(via UK’s Metro)