Doctor Who Gay Kiss Episode: Second Lowest Ratings Of All Time

Fans keep turning off the series which features Ncuti Gatwa as the new Timelord with Russell T Davies back as showrunner.

doctor who gay kiss ratings

The latest episode of Doctor Who featuring the show’s first-ever gay kiss is the second-lowest rated episode in the entire 60-year history of the series.

The overnight UK ratings system reports “Rogue,” featuring a same-sex kiss between actors Ncuti Gatwa and Jonathan Groff, was watched by only 2.11 million viewers.

The previous episode was watched by only 2.12 million viewers, and until this episode was the second-lowest rated episode in the entire history of Doctor Who.

The lowest-rated episode in the 60-year history of Doctor Who belongs to this series’ Episode 3 with only 2.04 million.

The highest-rated episode this season belongs to the recent episode featuring Millie Alcock, where the Doctor disappeared for the episode, which saw more than half a million viewers tune in than the previous episode.

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The details for the gay kiss include that the episode took place in the year 1813 where the Ncuti Gatwa Doctor Who teamed up with a bounty hunter, Rogue, played by Jonathan Groff, who is known for Mindhunter and The Matrix Resurrections.

Well, the Doctor and Rogue didn’t get along at first, but teamed up to fight the shape-shifting Chuldurs.

So throughout the episode, they flirted with each other, and then at the Regency ball, “shocked” the guests with same-sex ballroom dancing where Rogue sacrificed himself to save the world but not before giving the Doctor a goodbye kiss.

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Fans turn off Doctor Who

As can be see below by the ratings, fans haven’t responded to the new series and have turned it off.

It’s also thought the new Doctor Who isn’t doing well on Disney+ as none of the episodes have made the Nielsen ratings charts.

Samba TV also hasn’t reported on any numbers, likely at the request of Disney who is an investor in the company, which also suggests the viewership is really low.

The Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score is also at 34%.

Worth a mention is the kiss comes during pride month.

Doctor Who ratings:


Special 1: 5.08M

Special 2: 4.83m

Special 3: 4.62m

Christmas: 4.73m


Episode 1: 2.6m

Episode 2: 2.4m

Episode 3: 2.04m

Episode 4: 2.62M

Episode 5: 2.12M

Episode 6: 2.11M

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