Doctor Who David Tennant Now Gay: Isaac Newton Race Swapped

The Doctor thinks Isaac Newton who has apparently been race swapped is so hot.

The Doctor thinks Isaac Newton who has apparently been race swapped is so hot.

Doctor Who David Tennant Now Gay

Doctor Who David Tennant is now gay as revealed in the second special, “Wild Blue Yonder,” which is now available on the Disney+ streaming service.

Continuing from last episode, the Doctor and Donna go off on one more adventure, but Donna accidentally spills coffee into the Tardis.

The pair crash land in England in 1666 and happen to come upon Isaac Newton. Scratch that. An apparent race swapped Isaac Newton. Update: The actor who plays Isaac Newton is Nathanial Curtis, who has an English mother and an Indian father.

Update: The ratings for the episode are a new low for David Tennant.

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The Doctor and Donna then get back inside the Tardis where they crash inside a spaceship. As they walk down the corridor, Donna remarks, “Was it me or was Isaac Newton hot?”

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The David Tennant Doctor Who agrees.

“He was, wasn’t he?” he says shaking his head in confirmation. “He was so hot.”

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The Doctor catches himself, and says, “Oh, is that who I am now?”

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Now before you think the Doctor now might be gay because of regenerating into the Jodie Whittaker Doctor who was thought to be gay, Donna says she always saw him that way.

“Well, it was never that far from the surface, mate” remarks Donna. “I always thought…”

Worth a mention is the David Tennant Doctor Who happened to fall in love with Rose Tyler and a version of him went with her in a different universe. Also, The Doctor marries River Song.

Also worth mentioning, is that of course, the next Doctor to follow David Tennant will be Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor, the first gay black actor to play the role, which they are obviously setting up here.

The episode also follows last week’s where the Doctor was lectured by a trans teen who also happens to have the powers of a Timelord and also saved the day, the worst-rated episode of David Tennant’s career.

Update: This episode also uses pronouns.

Doctor Who has indeed doubled down on the wokeness, obviously thanks to that Disney money.

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