Major Deadpool & Wolverine Spoilers Land Online: China Trailer Looks The Best

No spoilers inside but they are hitting the net. Watch a better-looking trailer via China.

deadpool wolverine spoilers china

Now worries, no spoilers here, but apparently major Deadpool & Wolverine spoilers have landed online via an early Chinese fan screening.

Speaking of, it’s claimed that a new China trailer released is closer to what the theatrical release will be, as the China trailer is said to have finalized VFX, color grading and sound, which includes new footage. You can watch that below.

I stopped watching the trailers following the first Super Bowl trailer, and I haven’t been posting any spoilers.

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Funny enough, as I just said, Ryan Reynolds asked fans not to spoil things, but they spoil a big cameo in a recent promo, and of course if you have an early screening the spoilers are going to land online. WTF? And an early screening basically a month before release? Bruh!

Yeah, it’s all a part of “marketing,” but it raises red flags for me because it sounds like you’re getting desperate for social media engagement by releasing spoilers and such (didn’t work for Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam, Superman, and Henry Cavill).

Update: The trades are even spoiling the cameos. Makes you wonder…

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We still have over three weeks until the release, I’d actually love if they stopped promoting Deadpool & Wolverine and let word-of-mouth take over (not gonna happen). If the movie is good, it will get traction. Releasing all these cameos and spoilers will certainly make the flick front-loaded, which isn’t a bad thing, but if the movie doesn’t hold up, it’s time to hit the panic button.

That said, I caught what Shawn Levy recently said about the MCU, and he’s 100% in line with what I have been saying all along (sorry, shills).

deadpoolwolverineimage 3

Levy told he doesn’t believe there is superhero fatigue and that Marvel has had some misses (ahem five years worth ahem). So that means what fans are fatigued of is the poor content. Well, let’s hope Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Levy can come through.

Via EW:

There are indeed a lot of expectations for this film: It marks the MCU’s first R-rated foray (which Feige says was always the mission from the jump); it’s the only MCU film releasing in theaters this year; and, after a few “misfires” at the box office with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and The Marvels, people are wondering if Deadpool & Wolverine will be the cure for “superhero fatigue.” Levy agrees, “Marvel had some misses,” but believes “people are way too quick to declare the last rites of the superhero genre. I don’t buy into that fatigue narrative.”

deadpoolwolverineimage 4

Watch the trailer:

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