Deadpool 3 To Feature X-Force


deadpool 3 x force

It’s learned that FOX is developing Deadpool 3, which will feature the mutant team known as X-Force.

Not many details are known, but THR offers that following the huge success of the first Deadpool movie, which made near $800 million worldwide at the box office, not only is the Deadpool sequel currently underway, but Deadpool 3 is happening with search for a director and preparation of the storyline which will feature X-Force.

An X-Force movie was supposed to be in development, but now we see it’s possible that the X-Force movie may have been spun into Deadpool 3, or it’s possible the X-Force movie may simply arrive following Deadpool 3.

Details for the X-Force movie include that it was written by Jeff Wadlow featuring Cable, Feral, Domino and Warpath, as concept art was released, and Ryan Reynolds previously said he wanted Deadpool a part of X-Force; so we see that has happened.

Domino is also said to be in Deadpool 2, which is searching for a director of its own following Tim Miller having recently left. It’s now said John Wick‘s David Leitch is up to direct Deadpool 2. 

x force cable concept art