Deadpool 2: No Stephen Lang For Cable


stephen lang no cable deadpool 2 Deadpool 2: No Stephen Lang For Cable

A big fan-favorite choice to play the time travelling mutant Cable in Deadpool 2 is Stephen Lang.

A while back even saw Stephen Lang state he wants the role.

Now Stephen Lang has taken to Twitter to reveals his upcoming filming schedule, which includes Mortal Engines and Avatar 2, meaning no time for Cable. 

#MORTALENGINES this spring, #AVATAR this summer. Best of good fortune to DP2. I’m betting it’ll be great. And I accept cameos. ‘Nuff said.

Cable has yet to be cast for Deadpool 2, but other actors mentioned as potential candidates include David Harbour,  Russell CrowePierce BrosnanKyle ChandlerRon Perlman, Liam Neeson and even Dolph Lundgren.

Cable is also confirmed to be a part of Deadpool 3 and the X-Force movie.

Watch the Deadpool 2 Logan teaser which references Cable with Nathan Summers: