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Deadpool 2 Concept Art Features Fantastic Four

Matt McGloin Posted: 08/18/2018 - 20:39 COMMENT
Deadpool 2 Concept Art Features Fantastic Four

In addition to the earlier look at Juggernaut, Cable and Domino, now concept art for Tim Miller's version of Deadpool 2 hits the net revealing the Fantastic Four. 

Tim Miller was the director behind the first movie, but due to creative differences, departed Deadpool 2, with artist Alexander Lozano giving us an inkling of what Miller's version of the sequel could have been.

"...character design for the Tim Miller version of Deadpool 2," Lozano posted on Instagram, which includes the actors featured in the art from the recent 2015 Fantastic Four flop with Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Miles Teller as Reed Richards and art of the Thing which resembled the comic book version. 

"Tim Miller was very precise when it came to the description of  'the thing.' He wanted to make sure that I orient myself in the design as close as possible to the comic template to finally give us, the fans, what we always wanted to see on the big screen," Lozano posted. "It may sound surprising, but the supposedly simple task turned out to be a major challenge after several failed attempts than originally assumed - for the sake of my reputation I will spare you all those design errors."

Regarding the look of Michael B. Jordan's Human Torch, Lozano said: "I always loved the short period when Johnny Storm wore the red version of the team uniforms and liked the idea of honoring this in my designs."

Concept art for Deadpool 2 also features the villain Blaquesmith: "A villain who can master every weapon and transform anything into a weapon - the idea was to make him a modern ninja using (after his escape from prison) baton and handcuffs as ninjatō and kusarigama and making the convict clothes kinda look like samurai trousers," Alexander Lozano posted.

While we don't exactly known what Tim Miller was going for in Deadpool 2, at least we know he was apparently going for some sort of overall shared movie universe. That overall universe will now be a part of Marvel Studios, as Disney has purchased Fox Studios.

Check out the concept art below!

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2