Exclusive: DCEU Coming To Crisis On Infinite Earths


Crisis On Infinite Earths will be bigger than anyone imagined as the plan is to feature appearances from the DCEU.

I had a lengthy chat at Comic-Con with someone connected to the Arrowverse who revealed to me details about the upcoming Crisis event series.

Crisis will be epic on a level never before seen, including nothing that Marvel has ever done, as it will feature characters from all or most of the DC appearances on TV and from some of the movies.

Regarding the DCEU, I’m told the WB lawyers and some execs are having a hairy conniption as they are worried about the costs with featuring what they have planned for the DCEU appearances.

I’m told at the least if specifics can’t be worked out that Crisis will feature footage from the DCEU movies. Something like showing Henry Cavill as Superman could be featured from footage from one of the films.

DCEU Crisis

DCEU coming to Crisis side by side Arrowverse and more

Since this is an Arrowverse crossover, basically that means the DCEU characters and actors wouldn’t be stealing the thunder, but WB still wants to show the DCEU connected to the Arrowverse as being one of the alternate Earths featured in the event series.

I also exclusively revealed that Tom Welling will be back from Smallville, as that is another Earth, and that Lynda Carter will be back as Wonder Woman, as that too is another Earth.

Likewise, I exclusively revealed that Burt Ward is playing the Robin from the ’66 Batman series, as that is an alternate Earth as well, which will see Ward as Robin while that Batman’s Earth is dead.

Brandon Routh was also announced at Comic-Con to be playing the Kingdome Come version of Superman, side by side the Tyler Hoechlin Man of Steel from Supergirl.

I’m told WB wants Crisis to be huge and that they want to do it right, which means sparing no expense. Again, some execs at WB are worried about the cost, but with Arrow ending and Stephen Amell done as Oliver Queen, this looks to be the last opportunity to do Crisis on this level.

Warner Bros. also wants to show that DC is all connected, as they have lots of plans for the future which will be announced soon that includes movies, tv shows and shows on streaming networks.