First Look At ‘Batman: The Legacy Cowl’ NFT Comic Book

'Batman: The Legacy Cowl' is an NFT comic book from the legendary Dan Abnett with art by Pablo M. Collar.

First Look At 'Batman: The Legacy Cowl' NFT Comic Book

Check out a first look at Batman vs. Brainiac from the upcoming NFT comic book, Batman: The Legacy Cowl, from DC Comics and Palm NFT Studio.

The art is by Pablo M. Collar, with the story being written by Dan Abnett who is known for DC’s Aquaman, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova, and lots more.

If anybody can do a Batman vs Brainiac story justice, it’s Dan Abnett!

The Batman NFT comic book is a part of The Bat Cowl Collection from Palm NFT Studio, an NFT (non-fungible token) ecosystem for culture and creativity built on the Ethereum network.

Back in April, The Bat Cowl Collection NFTs were dropped and as part of being a holder and owner (all verified on the blockchain), fans as part of the “Bat Faction” (I’m one of them) get to vote on key aspects of the Batman: The Legacy Cowl comic book including storyline, characters, and art to help drive the ongoing narrative of the Bat Cowls.

Batman: The Legacy Cowl NFT comic book
Fans voted to decide on the costume of Batman

Fans vote on key aspects of the Batman comic book

For example, holders of the Bat Cowls NFTs get to choose how Batman fights in the first issue of the comic book and have to pick one of the panels (seen below) that will be featured in the story.

“Strategy is the key to victory. Choose how Batman fights his battle. How will Batman take on his opponent? What move will Batman deploy? You have 24 hours to make your selection,” states the e-mail fans receive where the results are posted on Discord.

The first panel shows Brainiac (we voted to use him as the villain) blasting Nightwing (we voted to use him, too, as the sidekick) with Batman ready to react.

The second panel again shows Nighting taking a beating with Batman ready to fight.

The third panel shows something similar with Brainiac looking all too smug.

Pretty cool!

Batman: The Legacy Cowl Batmobile NFT comic book
Fans voted this design for the Batmobile

Fans voted for Brainiac as the villain, Batmobile design, and more

Other choices we made include deciding on the title where “Batman: The Legacy Cowl” topped “Batman: Beneath the Batcave” and “Batman: Story of the Cowl.”

We were given four choices for the costume Batman will wear in the story where the panels below reveal the suit.

The villain’s lair? Fans decided on “Chinatown – The Port of Gotham” over “Financial District – Off the Bludhaven Expressway” and “Upper Gotham – Near Gotham Creek Road.”

Brainiac beat out The Riddler and Killer Croc for the villain, and Nightwing beat out Damian Wayne and Batgirl for Batman’s sidekick.

We also got to choose Nightwing’s costume, Batman’s legacy cowl, the design of the Batarang, the design of the Batmobile, and the design of the Bat Drone, as well as an action sequence involving Batman jumping over an embankment.

Fans also chose to have Batman say, “To the Batmobile!”

So as we make our choices as to the direction the story goes, Dan Abnett and Pablo M. Collar are the ones who are going to put it all together! Pretty wild!

Check out the art:

Batman: The Legacy Cowl Batman vs Brainiac NFT art:

Batman: The Legacy Cowl cover
‘Batman: The Legacy Cowl’ cover
Batman vs Brainiac NFT comic book
Batman vs Brainiac art by Pablo M. Collar
Batman vs Brainiac NFT comic book
Batman vs Brainiac art by Pablo M. Collar
Batman vs Brainiac NFT comic book
Batman vs Brainiac art by Pablo M. Collar

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