David Goyer Talks Man of Steel Loose Ends; Nolan Kept Justice League & WB At Bay


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:8821:]]The Man of Steel continues to do well at the box office as on Monday it raked in just over $12.5 million, which was slightly higher than Iron Man 3‘s first Monday.

So with that, it’s really no surprise that talk of a Man of Steel sequel continues as well as of the Justice League movie.

The latest is from writer David Goyer who talks loose ends in the Man of Steel as well as the Justice League movie with AICN.

First up, is an interesting tidbit regarding the Justice League movie in that Warner Bros. seemed to have wanted the Man of Steel to have a heavy Justice League vibe.

However, thanks to Christopher Nolan, who kept Warner Bros’ demands at bay, the movie was more focused on Superman, which is what Nolan, Goyer and Snyder felt you had to get right first before launching into the broader DCU.

It didn’t influence MAN OF STEEL at all. We have to thank Chris the most for that because he really did protect the process. He just advised us, we took that advice, and he kept Warner Bros at bay a little bit. He said, “You’ve got to make this film, make it as good as humanly possible, and put all that other stuff out of your head.” It’s impossible to put it completely out of your head. By the same token, I know that he said that to Warner Bros in terms of pressuring us. Then it becomes this impossible mountain to climb. You can’t think about how many merchandising deals they’ve made, or how much ad support they’ve got. You just can’t think about it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make your movie.

Regarding the controversial conclusion to Man of Steel, of which we already heard both Snyder and Goyer address, this time Goyer remarks on the possibilities of a sequel and the loose ends in the movie. As we all witnessed at the end, Zod’s body had to go somewhere, which wasn’t shown in the movie, but Goyer comments on that as well as the Supergirl Easter Egg, and may have actually shared what happens to Zod’s body in doing so.

I can neither confirm nor deny. But I will say that I did intentionally leave some loose ends, not as sequel bait, but just because I thought they were interesting. I don’t know if anyone that’s viewed the film has picked up on this yet, but when Clark goes into the scout ship, which sort of becomes the Fortress of Solitude, you see four cryogenic sarcophagi for the crew that piloted that ship 18,000 or 20,000 years ago. There’s a shot there – and, it’s funny, at one point Zack took it out, but I cried “Uncle!”, and he put it back in. But you see there are four pods: three of them have skeletons in them, but one is open and there is no skeleton. Zack had missed it the first time he read the script. I pointed it out to him, and he was like, “Okay, that’s interesting. That’s an interesting loose end.”

Man of Steel is currently in theaters.