The Dark Knight Rises Murderer Found Guilty



Three years ago James Holmes entered and shot up a Denver suburban theater that was playing The Dark Knight Rises which led to the deaths of 12 people while wounding 70 others.

Today saw Holmes convicted of first degree murder and attempted murder, with the jury rejecting his insanity defense, which means Holmes is eligible for the death penalty.

The massacre occurred July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado during Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film having just premiered. Holmes, dressed in all-black, wearing a bullet proof vest, entered the theater through an emergency door and proceeded to open fire on the audience. Upon his capture, Holmes referred to himself as The Joker, with his hair painted red.

Holmes’ defense was going for an insanity plea, but the jury saw otherwise as the first guilty verdict was announced followed by the judge reading off the verdicts on the other 165 guility counts as well as polling the jurors individually.

USA Today reports upon hearing the verdict, families of the victims let out a tense, excited sigh, with some nodding, crying and pumping their fists quietly.

Days following the attack, Christian Bale visited and consoled the victims and their families.